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common questions

common questions

• How long does the battery charge?

• When the charger bulb is green, the charger must be disconnected.

• When the charger is attached, the charger light is green, but the scooter is not working?

• The battery means that it is dirty, or the battery is damaged or should it be activated.

• What is the difference between a 48-volt and 36-scooter?

• Teams, a slight increase in the speed of play time.

• How much time to play?

• Almost an hour or more.

• Does the scooter have a guarantee?

• There is no guarantee, but we give our customers a week if in defect it is estimated to be replaced and also free maintenance for 3 months and the customer bears the value of the parts.

• Are all drift parts available?

Yeah .

• What is the appropriate age?

• 5 years and above and refers to a weight of 90 kg.

Do you have branches other than Jeddah?

• No, we do not have branches and our customers in Jeddah or outside Jeddah can order and pay through the website.

How to install a scooter?

• You can see this link:

• I bought a scooter and got it on but didn't work?

• Forgot to install the charger wire, you can view this link: